Granite Countertop Color Ideas

Granite countertops are the most popular choice of kitchen counters, especially when budget isn’t a consideration. A granite countertop can define the style of a kitchen. Granite counter tops seem to add a touch of class to the most modest of kitchens. Granite is available in a number of colors and is very durable and longlasting. Although minor maintenance involved, granite kitchen counter tops are elegant and timeless.

Some of the most popular granite countertop BASE colors are: black, white, red, and gray, although there a literally over 1000 color variations of granite – and marble – countertops. Check out at least 830 variations of granite countertop colors and patterns alone at, and see them organized by main granite color at

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  • Melissa Slaton

    Picture 7 might be my favorite. So elegant and warm. 17 is also gorgeous. Such an earthy feel and the coloring is really unique. There is truthfully the right color of granite for every space and every feel.

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