Large Kitchen Design Ideas

Large kitchen design ideas.

Few of us will actually have this problem, but for those with a large kitchen area – the problem is large – what to do with all that kitchen space? Big kitchens can be both fun and difficult to decorate. There are many styles to choose from, like french country cottage kitchens, traditional country kitchens, modern, European, etc., but from there, the choices for decorating are endless. There are a wide variety of countertop materials like granite, wood, laminated or tile. Flooring has a vast selection including cork, ceramics and stone. But even more, there are countless kitchen cabinet styles, colors and configurations to choose and decide on. And once you’ve got cabinet space, you can start to get creative, like using lower cupboard area as freezer space. An extra sink on the kitchen island. Spice racks in a drawer. Storage ideas and structures can be the most fun to be creative with. But the point is – if you’ve got a large kitchen – be creative, and have fun! Use the large kitchen image gallery above for design and decorating ideas!

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