French Country Kitchen Ideas

As seen in these pictures, color plays a major role in raising the feeling of a French country cottage kitchen. White stucco walls and / or ceilings were sometimes painted butter or mustard yellow, while large exposed wooden posts and beams coated with either a dark stain or with a simple oil that enhanced the natural color of the wood created distinct borders.

French country kitchen floors were made of of terra cotta tiles, brick or stone for texture and durability. Bricks or stones were used for the hearth or fireplace that was typically situated on one wall of the kitchen. Common furniture found in a French country kitchen was unadorned farmhouse-style tables, usually surrounded by rush-bottomed ladderback chairs, often made of wrought iron and wood.

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  • Maria Acevedo

    Love all things French,I have copper pots,roosters,french chefs,etc. Can’t seem to get enough!

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