Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here you’ll find lots of great ideas for traditional and contemporary styled bathrooms, from touches of stainless steel and glass tiles, to elegant, traditional-style master bathrooms with fireplaces. Maximizing space is a priority in any bathroom, and the importance of decorative materials and colors help to create even larger spaces where it is minimal.

Simple ideas, like monochromatic colour schemes, diagonally laid flooring, and minimalist potted plants can help, along with sunken bathtubs and long horizontal mirrors. For the extravagant look, cushioned benches, ornate trim and accents, marble or granite tiles, and center stage bathtubs create a rich yet comforting space.

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  • Melissa Slaton

    The glass and stone sink is gorgeous. I love how we are moving towards creating master bathrooms as an oasis! Is the sink attached to the wall or down below and covered by the stones? What type of lights are used and are they color changeable?

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  • ElectroSawHQ

    That’s fascinating idea you have! Your content was helpful and gave me ideas on how to be fast and efficient in improving my home.Thank you!^^

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